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The Bean Bag Sculpture is comprised of a viewing console and a playback box. Both elements have speakers that emit the sound of a video loop also seen through the eyepieces of the viewing console. The video plays on a small LCD screen in the top right corner of the console. The video loop consists of a square beanbag that is thrown upwards into the corner of a ceiling meeting two walls. This action is continuous and runs for one minute. The Bean Bag Sculpture addresses the cognitive action of the sculptor and the placing of objects in space. The action of throwing a cube-like form upwards into a ceiling corner represents a moment of satisfaction and completeness.

The physical characteristics of the Bean Bag Sculpture are dictated by the video that it plays. Rectangular and cube-like the video screen is situated in the top right corner of the viewing console. This situation suggests that the square beanbag being thrown into the corner of the ceiling is physically occurring within the viewing console. This desire to have the cube fit inside a larger corner, and to have it land there perfectly (against the force of gravity) is equated with the visually explicit, for the Bean Bag Sculpture is reminiscent of early peepshows.

The Blue Rock is a light-weight, fibre-glass structure measuring approximately 48” x 36” x 30” seamlessly covered in blue Astro-Turf. Mimicking the natural, the Blue Rock is unnatural in any environment and functions as an expression of the prevalent North American desire to integrate the synthetic within the realm of the real.

The Green Rocks are a collection of foam carvings that resemble rocks and are covered with green Astro-Turf. The rocks are an ongoing project that can be displayed in a variety of ways: from scattered arrays; to avalanches; to piles.